Delicious Things: Macrina Bakery

Oh man, do I love the Macrina Bakery. In the six years I’ve worked at El Gaucho, I have early been able to walk into the restaurant without a brownie or croissant or entire cake from Macrina under my arm. My love for Macrina almost surpasses my love for getting healthy… But not quite. Today I decided to put this lovely bakery (and my resolve) to the test by coming in for lunch. You know what? Both Macrina and I passed today’s Paleo challenge with flying colors.

Here’s how:

Carne Salad: wild organic greens, tuna, hard boiled egg, kalamata olives, roasted tomatoes, and balsamic dressing. Watch out for the delicious roll on the plate!


Note: the delicious roll stands alone!

Bottom line: I will inevitably enjoy a number of Macrina’s delicious pastries in the future… But not today. Come to Macrina (and often), but skip past the first display of goodies in favor of the second case. Dive straight for one of their lovely salads and you’ll be set for the rest of your workday.


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