A Night at the Safe

Sometimes, it’s important to throw in the towel on a regimen and have nothing but a really good time.  Yesterday was one of those days.  While it was a Thursday for most of the world, yesterday was my Sunday.  It was the end of a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend in which I played, wrote, ran and whipped up some delicious things in the kitchen.  There was nothing to do but celebrate – which I did by grabbing my family and heading to the ballpark to watch the Mariners beat the Boston Red Sox in one magnificent play in the 9th inning.

Nosebleeds. Again.

A confession: I cheated.  Big time.  I drank beer(s) and ate some nachos and had a handful of french fries.  And I kind of feel like garbage this morning as a result.  I shouldn’t be eating french fries, beer is kind of forbidden and I really shouldn’t have anything to do with dairy products.  But I did.  And it was fun.  So there.  I will pay my debt to my stomach today and move on to be the picture of health today and tomorrow and the next day.

At the end of nearly every day, I am committed to improving my health and the health of those who I care about.  I know what my body needs to perform and I am eager to improve that performance over time.  That being said, I am simply not willing to cross out good, clean fun at the ballpark (or wedding, or 4th of July picnic, or Christmas dinner) in the name of a perfect dietary resume.  If an occasion is celebratory or special or involves elements of tradition that I grew up with, I am going to indulge – because that’s life.  And life is special.  And sometimes a stomachache the morning after is the best sign of a life well-lived.

Momma and me

Momma and Brother

Beating the Red Sox completely justifies bench-clearing.      And dancing.


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