A Very Paleo Holiday: Day 4

From December 19 – 31, I am documenting my nearly Whole 30 compliant (Hence the title, “A Very Paleo Holiday”) adventure through the holiday season. You’re going to hear from me each day on how much sleep I got, what I did, what I ate, how I’m feeling, and anything else I feel like throwing into the daily recap.

8 hours, although I did get up and go back to bed for an hour when one look at my CFE calendar told me to “CHILL OUT” today.

Today’s primary activity was preserving enough energy to watch the Huskies attempt to play Boise State in the MAACO Bowl before heading into Gaucho for the Saturday Before Christmas Holiday Hospitality Throwdown of 2012.

Breakfast: leftover frittata and banana
Lunch: Gaucho baked chicken, small apple, bacon
Pre-Gaucho: Muscle Milk, small apple, triple espresso shot
Dinner: pulled pork, avocado, bacon

I have tomorrow off! I have tomorrow off! I have tomorrow off! I have tomorrow off! This mantra sustained me through 9 hours of smiling, flirting, and sprinting tonight.  There were at least two distinct moments when I felt inevitable Day Four grumpiness settle in at a murderous rate.  For at least an hour, I wandered around Gaucho in an angry stupor before I remembered something glorious:  I have tomorrow off!




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