Whole30: Day 4

Last night, I left work at the blissfully early hour of 9:30pm. “HOORAY!” I thought, “I’m going to get some killer sleep tonight.” I went home, threw on some sweats, and ate dinner. By 10:30, I was ready to hit the sack. Unfortunately, my neighbors were not. For the first time since I moved into my condo, all three of my neighbors (left, right and upstairs) decided to throw HUGE parties on the exact same night. I was surrounded by beats and laughter and voices straight out of my frat party nightmares. I tried to convince myself that it wouldn’t last all night long, that I’d be able to get some quality shut-eye when they left for the bars around midnight. Despite my best efforts, it just wasn’t meant to be. There was an hour or so of blissful silence before the drunks came stumbling home and threw Rhianna and T.I. back on their stereos. I have never wanted to get drunk just to pass out so badly in my life.

So, on day four, I have something besides the Whole30 to blame for a lack of energy. While I’m sure I’d still be feeling the effects of the carb flu today, straight-up exhaustion from a sleepless night is my primary problem today. I was called into work by surprise, had a handful of nutrition plans to work on, and needed to read a book for school while so tired I could barely see straight.  Halfway through work, I could literally feel the weight of a barstool underneath me and taste a Basil Hayden Manhattan going down.  I am shocked that my feet took me to a bus stop when I left work – and even more shocked that I haven’t opened a bottle of wine now that I’m home.  Apparently, I’m learning something about willpower this week.

Non-existant. If a bottle of whiskey had been handy last night, I would probably have drank the whole dang thing just so I could pass out and forget about the raging parties that surrounded me last night

Breakfast: scrambled egg, breakfast sausage, steamed spinach, banana
Post-Workout: leftover sweet potato and kale cake
Lunch: flank steak salad with shallot vinaigrette and pepperoncinis, apple
Dinner: leftover curry chicken with roasted root vegetables

Today I went for a nice 45-minute jog around Seattle Center and Belltown. The sun even came out, which was a welcome change from the dreary rainy weather that’s been around the past month or so

I can’t wait for this weekend of New Year’s festivities to be over. I feel like a Scrooge, like an old cranky lady who just doesn’t care anymore. I’m tired. I have no motivation. I want to take a nap.


One thought on “Whole30: Day 4

  1. New Year’s Eve lunch with the Family should cheer you up! You’re doing a GREAT job, Miss Brooke! Sorry about the parties, but maybe tonight you’ll get your sleep! xo

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