Whole30: Day 14

I am so excited to have made it to day 14 of my Whole30 – and with only one day of champagne-related slip-ups.  I have navigated the end of the holidays, New Year’s Eve, and the beginning of 2013 exactly according to Whole30 guidelines.  So far, I’m sleeping better than I have in months, feel less stressed out, have noticed clearer skin, and have de-bloated considerably.  I don’t know that I’ve lost weight, but my performance at CrossFit has improved measurably – I’m beating the boys half the time during the WODs!  There have been some minor emotional meltdowns at work, but everyone at work is out-of-sorts right now due to post-holiday detox diets, so I’m not in it alone.

One major side-effect of the Whole30 has been that I’m getting really sick of some of my favorite foods.  Sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, trail mix, and roast chicken… I really don’t want anything to do with any of it anymore.  This morning, I woke up determined to create a meal plan for the week that took my blah, blah, blah daily routine to the next level – and kept me from wanting to eat out for the rest of the Whole30.  I’m particularly excited about the recipes I came up with: Greek meatballs, white chicken chili, cherry-walnut roasted Brussels sprouts, and a mushroom-sweet potato gratin that would make Ina seethe with envy.  The best part? I have a week of prepped food in my fridge right now that only took 3 hours to whip up for under $50.  That’s less than my last dinner out cost.

I had to watch the Bachelor last night, which meant going to bed slightly later than I wanted to… at 10:00pm (I am old and boring).  I must have been tired though, because I didn’t open my eyes for over 10 hours!

I felt great all day today – even though it was the first day of my work-week and pouring down rain.

Today was a CFE training day, in which I was meant to sprint 10 x 100m every minute… but it was raining too hard to run sprinting drills at the track.  So, I went to 24 hour fitness to run 200 m sprints at the same interval and threw in some chin-up practice for good measure.  Then, it was off for a series of meetings downtown before heading to the Gaucho for some good, fun times.

Breakfast: Greek meatballs and a banana
Lunch: White chicken chili, apple
Dinner: Breadless, butterless steak sandwich with chimichurri and tomato slices

Happy birthday Elvis! I hope to someday get close to having as much swag as he does in this ridiculous photo.  Also, please go have an Elvis donut for me.  I can’t have one, but think someone should get to dive in for a slice of heaven today.


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