Whole30: Day 20

Two more days of work.  Two more WODs.  Two more days of Whole30 madness.  Two. More. Days… until I head off to Washington, DC for a MUCH needed vacation.  Five Seattle girls are about to invade DC to tourist around, go out to fancy dinners, and play around at dive bars in tacky Americana like it’s our job – because this weekend, it kind of will be.  Two More Days.

Until then, I have almost too much to get done and what feels like no time to get it done in.  I should be really stressed out – I have two extra-long nights at Gaucho in front of me, a full book to read, a consulting project to finish, a couple of programs to write, workouts to hit up, and laundry to do so I can pack before my plane takes off on Thursday morning at 6:00am… but I’m not stressed out at all.  In fact, I’m just sitting around at home watching Disney’s Robin Hood.

(This documentation is for yesterday (Day 19). I totally forgot to post it before crashing out last night.  I was really tired)

9 hours of blissful sleep at my mom’s house.  We went to dinner at Crow, which led to movies at her place, which led to sleeping like a baby under her roof.

Today was the most active day of the year so far – I had a corrective exercise training session, CrossFit, AND sat in on a small group exercise class (which was more participating in rather than sitting in on).  That’s over 3 hours of difficult work.  While the corrective exercise session focused mostly on functional movement, CrossFit was squats followed by sled drags, kettlebell swings, and ball slams – and I went up in weight across the board today.  30 kg. sled drags, 35 lb. kettlebell swings, and 20 lb. ball slams.  My coach really wanted me to sweat today.  The group I sat in on rotated 100 jump ropes with exercises like push-ups, squats, kicks, abdominal work, and upper body movements.  I seriously hope that walking / lifting anything is optional tomorrow.

On days like today, I am so busy that I don’t take time to slow down and assess how I’m feeling.  Truth be told, if I did take time to slow down, I would likely realize I feel amazing.  Right now, I just feel tired.

Breakfast: Chicken sausage and mushroom-potato gratin
Lunch: Root vegetable hash and poached eggs
Dinner: White chicken chili and warm Brussels sprouts salad


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