About Me

Hey there, everyone.  My name is Brooke and I want to help you become healthier.  But first, I’d like to introduce myself a bit.  Certain things can be said about me that are undeniable: I have too many pairs of 4-inch heels.  I really like to travel.  I have a sick sense of humor.  I’m a little bit selfish.  I love the University of Washington Huskies.  Whiskey has, at times, been my best friend.  I have read the entire Harry Potter series more times than is likely considered healthy. I make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.

Other things are not quite so certain, including my approach to health and overall wellbeing.  While I’ve been a bit of a gym rat for most of my adult life, the time that I spend in the gym or pounding the pavement has not always been reflected in my physique because of a variety of factors.  A seriously itinerant lifestyle, which took me around the globe 1.5 times in two years led to major weight gain and injuries that kept me from participating in the half marathons I use to love.  Following my travels, I enrolled at the Evans School of Public Affairs to complete my Master in Public Administration.  As with many things, I thought that my MPA studies would be difficult, but allow for me to focus on fitness and overall health.  This was a major misconception.  MPA studies are both difficult and time consuming.  I left Evans 15 pounds lighter than I was on day one, but not because I was living a healthier life.  The overall cost of graduate school might have included a smaller size at J. Crew, but it was born from lack of sleep, a slight addiction to adderall and 64 oz. (or more) of Starbucks coffee per day.

Now that graduation has come and gone, I have settled into a life in which playing with my puppy, training for marathons and eating good food are the most important things on my daily slate.  One of my mottos in life is, “work part-time to live full-time.”  By night, I sling steaks and fine wine at Seattle’s best steakhouse.  Daytime finds me uncovering Seattle’s best clean food resources, working on my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification, whipping up delicious new recipes, running from bootcamp to bootcamp, CrossFitting, sitting on a beach, volunteering with local nonprofits, or shoe shopping at Nordstrom.  Recreation and Whimsy, the blog accompaniment to VitalityNW, is a catalog of my attempt to get healthier and perform better -whether in a marathon, at work, or in my personal life.

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Education and Memberships

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 2013.  Nutritional Therapy Association.

Master of Public Administration, 2012.  Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature and Composition, 2005. University of Washington

MemberWeston A. Price Foundation.


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